LBS Safety Upgrades & Change Of Use

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LBS GROUP provide an essential service ensuring that all doors and shutters are safe, meet current Health & Safety standards and operate correctly.

We offer a refurbishment service as required for dilapidations and for new occupiers, bringing doors and shutters up to acceptable standards.

While new doors and shutters are automatically provided with mandatory safety devices, these can be retro-fitted to existing doors and shutters, bringing them up-to-date and in line with current Health & Safety legislation. Where there are changes in use, doors and shutters can be modified to provide improved performance.

For existing doors, LBS can help with:

  • Conversions from manual to electric operation
  • Mandatory safety brakes
  • Safety upgrades by providing additional safety devices which are now mandatory with new doors and shutters i.e. warning lights, optical and conductive reversing safety edges and safety photocells to conform with current Health & Safety regulations
  • Conversions from manual to electric operation
  • Providing HIGH-USAGE motors to prevent failure
  • Access Control devices, Inductive loops, Radar and Radio control
  • High-speed doors to maintain internal temperatures

LBS GROUP also offers:

  • LBS SERVICE – 24hr/ 365 day call-out  and reactive repair service
  • LBS SERVICE PROGRAM providing DISCOUNTED RATES for both maintenance & repairs