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Residential property protection – Doors & Windows secured by rolling shutters and lattice gates. Single skin and insulated rolling shutters and sectional overhead doors for garages and secure storage. Car park security provided by automatic rolling shutters and grilles, all with necessary access controls and mandatory safety devices. Apartment block security achieved by providing secure glazed aluminium or steel doors with Automatic operation providing controlled entry and disabled access.

LBS Homeguard

Roller shutters protecting vulnerable doors and windows

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LBS Insulated Garage Doors

Range of roller shutters, overhead and sliding doors

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LBS Diamond guard

Practical & discreet collapsible lattice gates providing visible security

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LBS Car Park Shutters

Security for parking areas – open for ventilation and vision

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LBS Shield Security Doors

Steel doors for communal areas and vulnerable doorways

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LBS Auto Door Systems

Automatic door systems for entrances and disabled access

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LBS Doorguard

Steel Communal Doors

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A residential property can be anything from a small home to a mansion, a block of flats to an apartment tower block. One thing is for certain though: Security is essential to anyone who lives in a property, and it is important that residential property owners know where to look when they are seeking to get their premises safeguarded against a variety of issues, including criminal activity and poor weather conditions.

Based in London and the South-East, LBS Group are market leaders in providing property owners with the highest quality security products for the windows and doors of the property. Whether that be solid steel roller shutters or an automated door for disabled access into an apartment block, it is essential that everyone is catered for and can enter and exit their property knowing that they are properly safe and secure.